Using and Recycling Cellophane Bags

Using and Recycling Cellophane Bags

Cellophane plastic bags are best for wrapping food items. While other types of plastic bags keep the moisture out, the items inside them could get damp from their own steam. The moisture inside the bag encourages the growth of molds and other microorganisms. On the other hand, cellophane bags are moisture-proof and they allow their contents to “breathe.” However, you should know that moist items tend to dry out when placed inside cellophane bags.

First used for wrapping candies and cookies, cellophane can now be used for a wide range of applications. Cellophane is versatile. In some countries, colored cellophane is used to make beautiful lanterns and kites. The material has the ability to have dead folds which makes it popular for gift wrapping. Cellophane has a gloss that gives it a special look and makes it attractive. There are printed cellophane plastic bags that you can use as gift bags and as wrappers for party favors. Some cellophane bags are gusseted to make room for bulky items. Cellophane bags are easy to close. You can either use a heat sealer or a stapler, or you can simply twist the open end and tie it with a ribbon.

Recycling Cellophane Plastic Bags

If cellophane is biodegradable, why should you recycle cellophane bags? Manufacturing cellophane requires the use of chemicals such as carbon disulfide and sulfuric acid which can cause pollution. Thus, it is important to minimize wastage and to maximize the use of each bag.

Here are some recycling ideas:

Do you have printed or colored cellophane bags? You can cut them up and use them for arts and crafts. You can make pretty origami stars and birds with them. You can also use them to make gorgeous mock stained glass windows, small lanterns and Christmas decorations.

1. Cut-up cellophane plastic bags also make good wrappers for your homemade candies. You can shape the candy pieces into small balls or small barrels, wrap them individually and close them up by twisting the ends.

2. Use cellophane as a packing material. Rinse and dry some used cellophane plastic bags. Crunch them up and use them to cushion fragile items in your packages. Cellophane is lighter than newspaper. They do not add much to the weight of your package so you save money on shipping costs.

3. You can use old cellophane bags as stuffing material. Cut the bags into small thin strips and use them to stuff props and give body to costumes. You can also use them to stuff fabric alphabet letters.

4. Use old cellophane plastic bags to keep moisture away from anything in your house. You can use them to store your old pictures, letters, post cards and other items that are precious to you. Just make sure that the bags are clean before you use them.

There are many more uses for cellophane plastic bags, whether they are old or new. You simply have to use your creativity. Used cellophane bags should not be thrown right away because there many ways to recycle them. Remember, recycling plastic bags can save you money and it can also save the environment.